1. Coming home late and going straight to bed.

2. Buying amazing clothes that you found on sale.

3. Holding hands.

4. Unexpected moments that become your favorite memories.

5. Talking on the phone until five in the morning.

6. Resting on someone’s chest.

7. Taking long showers that wash away your worries.

8. Feeling as though you finally belong somewhere.

9. Deciding what you want to do with your life.

10. Feeling satisfied after a delicious meal.

11. Falling asleep instantly when you’re upset.

12. Meeting people that happen to change your life.

13. When you have a great night of sleep.

14. Drinking a cup of tea.

15. Realizing everything is going to be okay.

*the old Facebook principles

16. When a super-girl asks you in a middle of conversation: “Do you have my number? Call me these days.”

17. The moment of epiphany, when things puzzle-up together.

18. When you start getting along with the people you haven’t (and it came from your own efforts). You realize it’s worthless being egoistic towards somebody who doesn’t harm you nor jeopardize you.

19. When you realize people don’t like you because of something you did or you didn’t – it’s the dis-balanced energy field you’re transmitting, making people confused and disturbed.

20. When you realize you’re an energetic beast – and the one behind “the wheels”.

19/20 June 2013