The five advices we can all take from this cute food-obsessed and low self-esteem cat’s life-coaching:

1. She needs to express herself

Sometimes we allow ourselves to fade into the background when we don’t feel self-confident. A new look often helps us feel ready to shine! Saffy could definitely visit the beauty parlor and try on a fresh new ‘do.

Some cats like to set themselves apart with a fashionable hat or smart sweater. Saffy opts to skip the duds and favors the au naturel style, but is willing to toy around with wigs and colored nail caps. Just because she’s 13 and has only six teeth in her mouth doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to feel fancy.

2. She needs to get out of the basket

Although we play with her every day, she’s just not one for a lot of physical activity. Perhaps some of it is her age, but she never really has been much of a go-getter. I think if she picked up a hobby of some kind, she might feel more motivated to leave the basket. She’s always loved batting around game and puzzle pieces, so why not go with what she knows? Plus, she might meet new friends who appreciate her penchant for checkers and the gentler side of life.

3. She needs to set goals

Setting goals helps give us vision and direction. Even baby steps are helpful. Lounging in a basket may be Saffy’s favorite pastime, but anything food-related comes in a close second. When she’s not feeding her own face, she’s either stalking another cat’s food or jumping on the counter, sniffing around for scraps of human grub. She’s thinks she’s totally sneaky, but she’s totally not. Plus, losing a pound or two might help her feel a little more svelte and slinky. Look out, fellas: Here comes a six-toothed cougar hottie!

Shifting away from a food-centered existence will be challenging for her, but I think with the nurturing guidance of a life coach coupled with daily journaling and affirmations, this goal is very doable. Imagine how much more popular she’ll be at parties! After all, others tend to avoid the girl who always has their face buried in other partygoers’ plates.

4. She needs to stay focused

It’s hard work to stay focused when other cats are constantly harassing you. Saffy will have to learn to tune out the naysayers and keep Stuart Smalley’s voice on a mental loop: “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”

5. She needs persistence

I know it feels like a lot to chew on (apologies to Saffy for the food reference), but I’m confident she has the fortitude it takes to sparkle with the best of them. After some time with a skilled life coach, she’ll be ready to take on the other cats, her personal demons … and the world!